Workshops and Training: Circus Works!

We create a fun-filled environment where anyone can learn the exciting skills they see in the circus. We supply all of the high quality props and equipment that you need so everyone can easily participate. With one-on-one, hands on training our students walk away with amazing new skills, self confidence and a joyful heart. It’s fun, active and very exciting.

We will custom design the program to suit your space or we can bring in an entire circus tent! From concept to a grand finale show by the students our Circus Works programs are expertly managed by top professional circus instructors who will open with a a performance to demonstrate their talents and inspire the students. Once we know exactly the number of your group and the location we’ll custom design a program based on your needs and budget.

Some of the workshop choices we offer:
Juggling • Plate Spinning • Peacock Feather Balancing • Balance Beam • Boomerangs • Diablo’s • Rope Spinning • Mime • Mask Making • Clown Make-up • Face painting • Acrobatics and Trapeze

Workshops include:

If you are interested in prices and a detailed budget for a one day program or something on-going, please give us a call!

Face Painting and Body Art Classes

Miz Liz has also brought her extraordinary face painting expertise across the world. She was invited to develop a training program for Chinese college students to paint at the World Clown Festivals in China. She taught, managed and inspired many new artists in that part of the world with her original style and techniques.

Face painting and body art classes available unpon request.