Workshops and Training

We create a fun-filled environment where children of all ages learn some of the skills they see in our Circus stage shows and walk-around entertainment. We supply all of the props and equipment that you need so the crowd can easily participate. With our professional entertainers giving one-on-one and group instruction many of students walk away with a new skill and they just love it. It’s competitive, active and exciting for the parents to see their children involved.

Some of the workshop choices we offer:


Everyone can learn to juggle three balls or at least learn the basics and then practice the techniques at home. We supply professional beanbags which are easy to handle and don’t run away. For kids who are advanced we’ll teach them special tricks with the 3 balls and include scarf juggling, clubs and rings. The students will also learn basic balancing skills with peacock feathers and walking on beginner stilts.

Plate Spinning

This is everyone’s favorite. Almost anyone can get the basics down of plate spinning in just a few minutes. We bring lots of professional plates and sticks so a large group can learn at the same time. With the proper wrist action, it’ll look like the old “Ed Sullivan Show’’ with a dozen plates in the air all at once. There are numerous games and tricks that can be learned for each age as a group and individually. We also offer Chinese Carpet spinning.

Clowning and Mime Techniques

We will teach the students physical comedy, slapstick, classic clown routines and gags that have been passed down for generations. With fun exercises and improvisation, they’ll work together in groups to learn how to build larger than life clown characters, exaggerated physical movement and pantomime techniques.

Students will have the opportunity to try out a variety of categories of physical comedy such as problems with objects, takes, distraction, the rule of three and flights of fancy. They’ll explore how to develop these games using rhythm, repetition, sequencing successes and failures, escalation, and of course sharing with the audience. Develop comic timing while participating with others in this hilarious and fun workshop.

Puppet Workshops

We design puppets with kids that are appropriate to their age group. From sock or bag puppets to flying birds and even a full Chinese Dragon that can be used in a parade at the end of the workshop. We’ll supply the props and all art supplies needed. We encourage creativity and originality and allow the kids to not only build each puppet but also learn the mechanics and techniques of bringing a puppet to life. Every child will expand their imaginations, gain confidence and improve their co-ordination as they explore each puppet’s personality.