Entertainment and Stage Shows

Miz Liz and Company offers the finest famiily stage shows available anywhere. We offer top professional variety artists who are experienced performing for international festivals, hundreds of corporate events, state fairs, community theaters, schools, country clubs, family and holiday events all over the country.

The shows are self-contained, flexible to any space with great music and outstanding costuming. We bring our own sound system and we are totally reliable.

Miz Liz’s Variety Show

Miz Liz is a multi-talented, truly entertaining variety artist who has been performing her original stage show for over a decade. She combines circus arts, physical comedy and beautiful costumes with an elegant touch. Not your ordinary housewife, she’ll spin buckets on her head and plates between her teeth, eat fire and juggle knives as she keeps things fast-paced and very dynamic. Set to great music with many stunning visuals she has this uncanny ability to reach audiences of all ages.

Miz Liz’s Variety Show works well for corporate events, theaters, festivals, state fairs, museums, camps, country clubs, sweet 16’s, graduations and any family events.

The Rainbow Circus Show

Miz Liz performs this splendid one-ring, one-woman Circus Show, which expands the imagination and inspires creativity through audience participation and laughter. Her show is a funny combination of circus arts, clowning, slapstick and wonderful music. There is a new trick every minute which may include juggling, rings, spinning plates, parasols, puppets and age appropriate magic. The children become star “acts” in the show as Miz Liz brings out the joy and silliness in every child she meets.

This show is perfect for younger children, ages 5 – 12 years old and can play any space. It is perfect for schools, libraries, museums, country clubs, corporate and family events.

Face painting, balloon art or a circus workshop is available after the show.

The Magic of Energy

Energy. What is it? Where do we get it? How do we use it? How do we power our computers, iPods, cell phones, Wii’s and X-box 360’s? Right now with fossil fuels. What happens when they run out?

Join the energetic and very talented duo of Miz Liz and Lisa Lou as they take a comic but factual search through the 4 different renewable energy sources; Solar. Hydroelectric, Wind power and Biomass. Kids discover what they are and the ways they can be put to work to help our planet to decrease our dependency on fossil fuels.

With amazing circus skills, a hand carved water wheel, giant pinwheels and a living, dancing stilt tree the kids learn through laughter and audience participation the challenge it is to balance our renewable energy sources, sustain our planet and conserve our natural resources for the future. The message for all is to work together to sustain our planet and raise the awareness in a “greener” lifestyle to kids at a young age.

This is an educational and very entertaining show that is perfect for age’s K-5th grade. We offer an in-depth Study Guide and a list of hands-on Activities for the teachers to enhance our program’s impact on each student. This prpgram is perfect for ages K – 8th grade.

Circus Sisters

The Circus Sisters have collectively entertained thousands of people all over the world with their variety shows. Together these talented women create a fun-filled extravaganza, which combines circus skills, magic, physical comedy, audience participation, puppets and great music. Their amazingly unique show crosses the barriers of language, culture and age and it is very rare to see two women circus artists! They are perfectly suited for fairs, festivals, corporate events, cultural events, family audiences and more.

Special Audiences: Miz Liz and her partners embrace all children with special needs. They have worked extensively with both physically and mentally challenged children and adults. Lisa Lou is also fluent in American Sign language and Deaf Culture. As members of the Big Apple Clown Care Unit, they provide humor therapy as doctors of delight to hospitalized children. They have received the prestigious Raoul Wallenberg award for this humanitarian work. The Circus Sisters show is highly visual and non-verbal with great music, amazing skills and lots of heart.

Fidget and Otter

Therese Schorn is a wonderfully zany performer who brings her special wit, physical comedy and amazing puppets to life. She creates joy and laughter wherever she goes with her mishaps and silly antics. Her orignal puppet designs, great energy and talents draw children to her and they love her instantly.

This show may include puppets, magic, games, music and lots of audience participation and music. It is perfect for ages 3 – 10 years old. Face painting is available after the show.

Holiday Shows

The Magic of Christmas

We offer a delightful original holiday tale that weaves a story of two magical Christmas Elves who arrive hidden in large Holiday presents. They create mischief and laughter while bringing the holiday spirit to life and discover the true joys in the gift of giving. This magical show is fun, lively, heartfelt and very entertaining for children of all ages and family audiences.

The show is filled with wonderful stilt walking, circus arts, magic, juggling and a large, beautiful bird puppet. We embellish the performance with fanciful holiday props, use lively seasonal background music and include lots of audience participation. A gorgeous hand painted holiday backdrop and stunning holiday costumes are included with this program as well.

The show runs approximately 45 minutes, is self-contained and we bring in our high quality sound system.

Solo and Duet Shows are available

Many more shows available upon request