About Us: Company Biographies

Elizabeth Bolick

As the owner and Creative Director of Miz Liz and Company , Liz is a visual artist, designer, writer, producer and an entertainer. She has written and performed original shows, designed costumes and puppets, and produced events all over the world in every venue imaginable. After receiving classical theater training and a BFA from The University of North Carolina School of the Arts, she has continued to study with James Donlon,Tony Montanero, Dick Monday, Julie Goell, Bill Irwin, David Shiner, Ami Hattab and many others.

As Dr. Sneakers, one of the Doctors of Delight Liz is a humor therapist (Chief of Pedi-Hat-tricks) and an 18 year member of The Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit®, and has spent wonderful times at Paul Newmans’ Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Currently at Yale New Haven Hospital she previously worked in the New York City Hospitals for many years and received the Raoul Wallenberg Award for her work with critically ill children.

Liz works as a Circus instructor and has written and performed educational and entertaining school shows for The Super Scientific Circus, The Big Apple Circus Afterschool Programs, Cirque Du Jour, Encore Productions, Project Impact, and Young Audiences of New Jersey.

As a producer Liz has created high quality, theatrical events for hundreds of top corporations, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, trade shows, children’s museums, art museums, libraries, parks, camps, country clubs, hospitals, community theaters, schools, many, many charitable events and international festivals.. She co-founded and was Creative Director of Always Entertaining, Inc. where she produced events nationally for over 15 years.

Some of her original design creations include a 10 foot high, stilt tennis match for Arthur Ashe Kids day at the USTA , which has become a favorite with the family crowds there for the past 5 years. She developed an environmental 1850’s Dickensian theatrical troupe for many holiday winter seasons at the South Street Seaport in New York City and custom designed aquatic creatures for the opening of the Baltimore Aquarium Marine Mammal Pavillion. For Fragrance Week in New York City she created imaginative and fanciful opening show festivities at Lincoln Center for several years. Many, many more credits are available upon request.

She currently works with Hilario Productions and AEMI to produce International festivals in China. Through them she also brought her extraordinary face painting expertise to develop and teach students in China to paint for the International World Clown Festivals.

So Liz’s design, production and performance talents have given her a very rich and diverse career.

Some of her performance credits include:
Carnegie Hall • Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors • American History Museum • The Newark Musem • The Metropolitan Opera • Art Park • Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts • The Big Apple Clown Care Unit • Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp • World Clown Festivals China • Holland Village, Nagasaki Japan

Therese Schorn

Therese has designed and built costumes and props for such companies as the Public Theater and the Big Apple Circus and has been creating her own work for theater for many years. With a design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Ms. Schorn moved into performing through puppetry and movement as she found a way to bring her design sense to the stage.

As an 18-year veteran of the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit® she has brought the fantastical world of Dr. Fidget to hospitals all over the world. As the Theater Director at Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camps, she created theater for and with children with catastrophic illnesses in the United States, Ireland, and France. She is a phenomenal face painter, body artist, puppeteer, designer and variety artist.

Other credits include designing for San Francisco's Make a Circus, for New York City's Other Theatre, for regional theaters across the country, and for circuses around the world.

Lisa Lou

Lisa B. Lewis is a graduate of the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Clown College, Brandeis University and has an MA in Clown/Circus history from NYU.

Lisa Lou is a uniquely versatile performer equally comfortable onstage entertaining 500 people or on stilts making them laugh one at a time! She has amazed and amused audiences working venues as diverse as King Richard's Faire, The Michigan State Fair, Rodeo Houston, Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, the NY Buskers Fair and Nagasaki Holland Village. She also worked for the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit® and performs at a long list of schools and corporate events bringing her own combination of skill, humor and charm to all.

Brenn Swanson

The skills Brenn Swanson is known for include stilt walking, juggling, rolla-bolla, unicycle, rolling globe and slapstick comedy/characters. She has made over 200 appearances at expositions, fairs, parades, benefits, pre-game entertainment for major sporting events & corporate functions. She has performed with Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus internationally in over 1000 shows. Walt Disney World, Six Flags, Great Adventure, Rockefeller Center, Reebok, Goodwill Games at Madison Square Garden & Nassau Coliseum…this list can continue upon request.

Annually Brenn is a circus instructor at Children’s cancer camps as well as other summer camps for children in need. Brenn was the Good Will Ambassador sponsored by Montifiore Hospital & Children’s’ Hospital of Oklahoma City, OK following the bombing of the Federal building in 1995.

Aside from performing on almost every cruise ship line in existence, Brenn is responsible for developing a lot of the interactive and variety entertainment on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Currently, Brenn is producing world clown festivals in China.