We present Art that’s Entertainment

Our style is versatile, gorgeous and fun. We are entertaining, very fast and we create lots of excitement everywhere from a corporate event, family celebration, black tie ball, tradeshow, retail promotion or birthday party. Our fanciful, glittering works of art move throughout your event and send shimmers of joy to every corner. Every face that greets us is exquisite in it’s own way so our designs are original and unique for each person. All of your guests will walk away feeling very happy, pampered and transformed.

Face Painting

Our make-up and glitter is all professional, water-based and completely non-toxic. It washes off with warm soap and water. Each painting takes approximately 3 minutes and all we need is a small table and two chairs with good lighting and we will create an instant “happening”. We also wear stunning costumes in any theme imaginable.

Hand Painted Body Art and Tattoos

Gorgeous, original hand painted tattoos in less than 3 minutes! The entire body is our canvas!

Miz Liz and her partner Therese Schorn have won international acclaim for this special technique. Their original style is very rare and extremely popular for teenagers, adults and sophisticated black tie events where a full-face design is just not appropriate. Tattoos are all the rage again and they can hand paint original designs on the hand, off the shoulder, ankle or chest which can be washed off easily and they look like real tattoos.

We are absolutely the best at this style and everyone is amazed at the exquisite detail and the speed in which Miz Liz and Therese paints them.

Glitter Tattoos

This fabulous new style is so much fun! We apply by hand, glittering, shimmery tattoos that last up to 3 days. They go on easily, look fantastic and are very joyful. The techniques and products we use are all non-toxic and very cutting edge. We bring many styles to choose from to match your theme and the tastes of all your guests from hearts and suns to butterflies, stars, dragons and seahorses. Be the first to have these wild and happy glitter tattoos at your event!

Henna Tattoos

Mehendi is an ancient Indian Body Art. It is used in creating intricate ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns on various parts of the body, though traditionally applied to the hands and feet of women preparing for special ceremonies. This style of tattooing is becoming very popular at events. We use a completely natural paste so it is non-permanent and painless. Mehendi is not a lifetime commitment, like real tattoos, but the designs will last 1-4 weeks. Our designs are intricate and very beautiful and take a little longer to apply and dry than other techniques we offer.