Airbrushed Tattoo Art

Everyone loves Airbrush Tattoos, because they get the tattoo they always dreamed about! But these very realistic designs last 3-4 days and they come off instantly with alcohol. We use the latest stencils and special, high quality make-up inks in colors or plain black. They look extremely real and dry instantly so your guests can put them under the collar, on their backs, ankles, and arms – even baldheads for fun and nothing stains their clothes. We bring many elaborate tattoos for each guests to choose from and wear gorgeous theme costumes.

Airbrush Eye Designs and Body Art

Airbrush Eye and Body Art is a very cool, elaborate style of make-up. We create original and exciting designs partially by airbrush and partially by hand. We use some original, hand-cut stencils and then create and add on the details, in the moment -based on what the client wants, embellished by hand. We paint facemasks, eye designs and small parts of the body such as snakeskin on the arms, legs, neck and off the shoulder based on your guests’ clothing, style and personality.

We include shimmery glitter in many colors and we paint with water based, high quality, liquid make-up which showers off instantly.